Parenting Tips
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Parenting Tips


• Buying expensive battery operated toys for the children that do not engage all the 5 senses of the child. Play time without such toys is very important as then children will be forced to use their imagination

Excessive television viewing; uses only the eyes and the ears...all other senses are dormant during television watching.also impacts the child's ability and growing stages of social development

Parents do not realise the importance of crawling and buy expensive walkers instead; crawling is cross lateral movement of limbs and hence helps both sides of the brain to communicate.

Often parents buy a packet of wafers and cold drinks during movie time so that the child keeps quiet and they can watch the movie peacefully; excessive salt and sugar intake leads to hyperactivity and irritability. (One box of popcorn equals to a week's salt content for your child!)

• If you beat; the child will learn to hit; if you shout the child will learn to yell; if you nag the child will learn to ignore; if you force the child will learn to rebel.

Nature deficit disorder is a condition where the parents are not letting the children interact enough with nature and allow them to spend time with video games and going to the mall which leads to hypertension; hyperactivity and attention disorders later in life. children need the calming and soothing qualities of nature.

Regardless of how many times the child has to go to the bathroom on a day out; which is inconvenient to the parents; please ensure that the child keeps drinking water as there is no substitute for water. Water is a good source of oxygen and one of the key nutrients that the brain needs is oxygen When the child is throwing a tantrum; never hit the child; use a distraction mechanism instead and see how the mood changes completely. Threats and shaming release negative chemicals which are harmful to the brain of the child.
Always insisting that the child speak up. Communication happens at two levels; talking and with body language...children know a 100 languages but we cut off 99 and teach them one to talk. Learn to reciprocate all gestures of your child.

• Its a common myth that crying is good for the baby's lungs. Its the first one year; crying is very harmful for the emotional development of the child.

• Telling children to sit straight and not to fidget. children are naturally fidgety as the brain is making its connections in the first five years of life, it requires sensory impulses which come from the fingers and the toes, let them fidget!

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13th April - Baisakhi Celebration.

17th April - Chart Competition on Earth Day.

20th April - Birthday Celebration.

30th April - Buddha Purnima.(Holiday)

4th May - Summer Party with Sun Glasses and Hats.

11th May - Lemonade Party.

12th May - Mother's Day Celebration.

18th May - Birthday Celebration.





Parents Feedback

“He has developed learning skills in the School.”
Name of the Child: Shivansth Panwar | Parent Name: Mr. Beer Singh

"He is grasping such poems & colours even in which he was not too good."
Name of the Child: Harsehaj Singh | Parent Name: Mr.Jaspreet Kaur

"She is picking up with each passing day. Enjoying her stay in school."
Name of the Child: Lavanya Gusain   |   Parent Name: Mr.Raju Gusain

"She has been adjusted in the school & is ready to spend 2 or 3 hours in the school. For us it is a big achievement."
Name of the Child: Akansha Rana   |   Parent Name: Mr.Rajendar S Rana

"I think he enjoys in school, he is always happy to come to school. At home he sometimes count one to five."
Name of the Child: Rajvardhan Panwar   |   Parent Name: Mrs. Rashmi Panwar

"Sonal is a very soft natured girl. She enjoys with her classmates. She loves rhymes & outdoor games. Her progress is very good."
Name of the Child: Sonal Negi   |   Parent Name: Mr.Sohan Negi

"She is more confident & has started interacting well. She has become more conversant in English."
Parent Name: Mrs.Parul Sharma

We are satisified with the way our kid is adjusting in The Poly kids. He is becoming more active & also receives positive reinforcement.
Name of the Child: Eklavya Joshi   |   Parent Name: Mrs.Jyoti Joshi

"I think it is a good progress as time has passed short. She has become a good learner."
Name of the Child: Adrika   |   Parent Name: Mrs. Aprajita

"My child has become more intelligent. She has started speaking in English. She has learned to do her work herself."
Name of the Child: Agrima Bhatt   |   Parent Name: Mr.N.K Bhatt

"She has become more active,more attentive. She is concerned about her homework. At home she tries to solve puzzle herself."
Name of the Child: Bhavya Negi   |   Parent Name: Mrs. Payal Negi

"My daughter is easily got adjusted in the new environment and as I discussed with her teacher during the PTM. It was informed that she is doing well."
Name of the Child: Baby Ira   |   Parent Name: Mr.Vipin Thapliyal

"She has become active & she has improved her handwriting also."
Name of the Child: Vidhycmnthi   |   Parent Name: Mrs.Ruchi

"Sanskar has shown improvement in written & in orals as well."
Name of the Child: Sanskar   |   Parent Name: Mrs.Pooja Rawat

"He does not cry when he comes to school. He likes to spend much time in school."
Name of the Child: Kinshuk Kathuria   |   Parent Name: Mr.Sagar Kathuria

"He has adjusted in the school environment. He enjoys talking about school & its activities."
Name of the Child: Samarth   |   Parent Name: Mr.Mukesh Rai

"Moksh seems to have adopted to school well & in the morning he is happy."
Name of the Child: Moksh Goyal   |   Parent Name: Mr.Amit Goyal

"Infrastructure of the school is great. The staff is pleasant. Teachers communicate well and show enthusiasm, friendliness towards children. The whole team is patient, friendly and a pleasure to interact with. Siddhi Bhatt loves his school and teachers."
Parent Name: Rachna Bhatt

"We are happy about the school environment (neatness and cleanliness). The school is very well organised and the teachers are professional in their approach. The school has taken utmost care for child safety and security. Amita Mamgain is happy and excited about going to school every morning. She loves the playground."
Name of the Child: Amita Mamgain   |   Parent Name: Renuka Mamgain

"The school premises and infrastructure is well planned for the children. The school is clean, hygienic, and disciplined. Teachers and staff are very friendly with the children."
Parent Name: Sheela Negi

"We are very happy to see all the creative activities the children did over the last few months. The displays were nicely put up and arranged. We enjoyed watching everything and had a nice time at the Culmination day."
Name of the Child: Simran Chaudhary   |   Parent Name: Rajgopal Chaudhary

"We are very happy that my son has adapted to the school environment so early. It is mainly because THE POLY KIDS which is more like a home rather than a formal school. The teachers are so caring and affectionate."
Name of the Child: Ritvik Chhabra   |   Parent Name: Prakash Chhabra