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School Picnic
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To develop a musical ear and appreciate music, the school has regular singing. Also dance classes to make them learn dance steps.   Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Yoga is a 5000 year old Indian body of knowledge.

  School Organises educational tours from time to time so that children learn things by actually observing and understanding them.   Children are taken for picnics, educational tours and outings. Shows like Puppet show, Magic Show, Cinema shows etc are organized from time to time.  


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heading  Activities

The school has a learning centre which organizes computer and multi-media


heading  Facilities

The school Offers a lot of facilities to the kids like School Transport ,


heading  Academics

Our preschool program can help prepare your child for success in school and in life.


heading  Parenting tips

Buying expensive battery operated toys for the children that do not engage all the 5 senses of the child.


heading  Parent’s Feedback

“He has developed learning skills in the School.” “He is grasping such poems


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We welcome children in the age group of 1.5 years to 4.5 years. We do not interview children, although children must accompany their parents. The school academic year starts from April....        When a person buys a franchise he's getting start-up support . As an alternative, if he were to start a similar independent business it would take longer to achieve the sales volume associated with...

About Poly Kids

The Poly Kids is a registered entity in India. The early childhood learning framework has been adopted to give a right start to the little ones. Along with a dedicated and caring staff, the transition from home to school.

Latest News

03th Sept 2016 - THE POLY KIDS Ranked No.2 in Top Preschools of Uttarakhand. Ranked No.1 in Innovative Teaching Methodology

05th Sept 2016 - Teachers 

1st Sept 2016- Nursery Inter Branch Colouring Competition.

2nd Sept 2016 - Lkg Inter Branch Gk Quiz Copmetition.

5th Sept 2016- Teacher's Day Celebration.

6th Sept 2016- Ukg, 1,2,3 Inter Branch Gk Quiz Competition.

10th Sept 2016 - Grand Parents Day Celebration.

13th Sept 2016- Eid Holiday.

16th Sept 2016-Birthday Celebration

20th Sept 2016- Educational Tour For Play group and Nur.

21st Sept 2016- Educational Tour for Class Lkg

22nd Sept 2016- Educational Tour for Class Ukg onwards.

29th Sept 2016 - Cleanliness Activity in School.

30th Sept 2016- Special Assembly On Bapu

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